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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Elder Moore's 1st P - Day! Yahoo!!!

This was a response to a letter that Jason wrote to him:

Hey Pops! I freaking miss you! But the MTC is sweet - we are only in the classroom for 10 hours a day:) but it is awesome learning more and more about the Gospel. We started to teach out first investigator and he is from Cuba. He has a lot of questions about the church! You have probably already heard that I got called to be a District Leader. Its been a fun experience learning new ways to lead and to teach and how to keep people focused on the lesson. I have already had to do a companion inventory with this companionship in our class because they are from two totally different backgrounds. But as for Elder Steel (Eli's companion) he's a stud! He is super calm and knows a lot about the Gospel! His nickname is 'No Emotion' because you can't tell if he is happy, sad or dying laughing. Also, thank you for the scripture reads - I will for sure look them up. I freaking love and miss you and can't wait to see a pic of winter coming and the yard coming along.

Love your favorite son, Elder Elove.

This one was to the family - he was answering a bunch of questions from us and the kids.

Hey I love you all so much and miss you but its been good here so far! (Owen asked how he liked the food) The food here is awesome! My companion is awesome - he is just like me! I have 3 roommates and two are the zone leaders which is crazy! The classes are freaking long but they are teaching me so much and we pretty much have class all day and only stop for lunch and dinner! But so far the MTC has been crazy! We taught our first investigator the second day! It has been awesome - I love you guys so much and I can't wait to hear all the crazy stories!

Love, Elder Moore

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