Follow my sweet adventures as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the California Bakersfield Mission.
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

Oh my gosh I know its crazy its been a whole month! Only 23 left! But thanks for all the love and support and all the goodies as well! This week has been crazy. We got to go on splits with the Zone Leaders and I was stoked because my area is pretty well off and looks like our old house, but the Zone Leaders have the hood so I was ready and wanted to teach nicer but scarier people! So I told the Zone Leader to take me to the most run down part of his mission and so he did and I got to meet the sweetest people! So we were just walking around and were passing this house and this old black dude. He was just cranking jazz music and he was just sitting on one of those white plastic chairs that you can get at Walmart and he was about 6 beers into a 12 pack around 12:00. So he stopped us and told us to come on over and I was stoked because I didn't know what to expect! But he called us over and was saying that he has heard of us Mormons and has been watching the Mormons all around town and went on to say that he doesn't believe in God but he loves our standards and how we carry ourselves! So that just made me think that we might think we are alone and we might think that no one is watching us and that we can do whatever we want but what I came to realize from a drunk 80 year old man is that we can't take for granted the way the church has raised us. The standards that we have might be hard sometimes but when we do follow them we not only bless our own lives but we bless others though our example. So me being brand new - and just had my mind blown - I said to him so have you heard the word of wisdom? Then he got mad and told us to scram! But yeah so that's the best part of the week.

The more I learn from missionaries and the stories that I hear - I just learn more and more about how big of a stud Pres. Layton is and all the missionary work he is doing out here. He will go on splits with missionaries and just go knock doors all day! 

General Conference was a whole different experience. We got to watch it in the stake center and all of the missionaries from two different zones were there and it was just a blast! I really like Elder Cook's talk about how we need to find something that brings us back up from hard times in our life and can turn our thoughts and actions back to Christ and this gospel!  I love you guys so much and love all of the pictures that you are sending! and tell Odog and Eden that I love them and can't wait to hear more crazy stories! Can't wait to see how this next week is going to go!

Love, Elder Moore