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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

California Here He Comes!

We are a letter short this week because Eli is on his way to California today! He was scheduled to fly out on Monday the 19th. The flight was a 7am at the SLC airport. Eli let us know that he would have to start his day at 3:30am!! OUCH!
We got a phone call at 6am and were able to hear Elder Moore's cheery voice! So great to hear!! We weren't able to talk long but Eli explained that his flight was cancelled and they would be going back to the MTC for the rest of the day and head out the next day (Tuesday the 20th) on the same flight schedule - another very early morning! We said our goodbyes and got to look forward to a longer conversation the following day.

On Tuesday (9/20) we woke to a phone call at 6:30am. Again, a cheery (and a little tired) Eli was able to call us!! Yay - it really is better than Christmas!!  He sounded wonderful and was able to fill us in how much he enjoyed the MTC, more details about some great Elders and Sisters he had met and leaders that he learned so much from.  He had some great stories to tell and was happy to hear stories from home and we had some good laughs. We were able to talk for a little over a half an hour and then had to say our goodbyes. The goodbyes are always hard...

A few of the Missionaries that Eli traveled with. There were 17 Elders and 4 Sisters from his MTC district traveling to Bakersfield that day. We loved that Elder Potter's mom, Alice worked at the airport and was able to be with them as they navigated their flights. She was really helpful when their first flight was cancelled on Monday. Alice sent a text saying, "It has been a pleasure to be with your missionaries for the past couple of days. They are all excited and in good spirits...I feel fortunate to work for the airline they flew out on."

Later that evening we got an email from President and Sister Layton from Eli's mission letting us know he arrived and all is well! So grateful for these wonderful leaders watching over Eli while he is away! It will be a long week - we will hear from Eli on his P-day on Monday! Yay!!

Elder Moore with President and Sister Layton!

The new Bakersfield Crew!

Letter from President and Sister Layton:

Dear Parents,

The missionaries have arrived in Bakersfield safe and sound. We are thrilled to have them on board. They are all smiles and energetic to go to work. We are thankful to you as parents for allowing them to build up Zion in Bakersfield.
President and Sister Layton.

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