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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MTC Here He Comes!!

Today Eli arrived at the MTC in Provo, UT. We had a great morning as a family. Our Stake President, President Davis, came to our home and shared some beautiful thoughts with us regarding missionary work. He set Eli apart as a full-time missionary and offered such a beautiful blessing. We will never forget the sweet spirit we felt.
We had a little lunch at Outback Steakhouse (Eli requested a Bloomin Onion - Yum) and then headed to the MTC. Eli's drop-off time was for 12:45. As we were directed into the MTC, Eli spotted one of his close friends on the curb helping the missionaries that were arriving. Eli said, "No way - its Georgie!" When Elder Brimhall (George) saw us he ran by our car until we parked at our assigned place. Just a little reminder that even in hard times Heavenly Father is looking out for us! Elder Brimhall was a ray of sunshine that day for our family. He helped Eli gather his things and took some pictures of us.  When we had all said our goodbyes, trying our hardest to be as calm as Eli was, Elder Moore and Elder Brimhall headed into the MTC...

About an hour later we received our first missionary email from Elder Moore. He said the following:

Thanks so much! I love you guys and I'm gonna miss hanging but I know that this is the right thing for me and the family. It's pretty sweet here. I got to hang with George for a little bit and he got to show me around. I started to talk to some sisters and some old sister got mad at me for goofing around:) But everything is going to be good. Love you guys and can't wait to tell some awesome stories! Hey my p-day is Wednesday. I love you guys and will talk to you then.

Love, Elder Moore

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