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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

P-Day Yay!!!
When we first got here it was really smoggy and they took us to a church for orientation and food. Then later that night we got to have food in the mission Pres. home and it is beautiful! President and Sister Layton are awesome. From what I have heard they come out on splits with us and just love the missionaries! The weather is super hot it is still hitting like high 90s! We are living in a apartment! and i don't know the address right off the top of my head but I sent Eden a letter with it in there. If it hasn't come on Tuesday  just send it to the mission office and they will send it to me! Elder Watkins and I could not be any more different! but I have learned to love him and learn from him! and yes we have a car thank goodness! The biking areas are really small and most of the missionaries just walk! I will let you know if I need one or am going to get one! Some things about Rosedale is that it is really small and there are a lot of Catholics that are less active! But its really hot and an area that doesn't really have very many poor people - every one is well off! So my week started off slow we just walked around and got a feel for the area and then Sunday came and we got to meet the ward and they are awesome and loving! I love you guys so much and can't wait to see more pics and hear more stories!
love, Elder Moore 

 (Another note that came in)
I love hearing from you guys as well. I wish that we could have talked for longer! Well its been a crazy first week! My trainer is the new District Leader and we white washed a whole zone that was crazy because we had no clue who the missionary's were working with before we got to Rosedale! But we did do a lot of walking around and seeing all of the different kinds of people that are here in crazy Rosedale! There is this church out here that is the size college! But Rosedale is my first area and my companions name is Elder Watkins and we couldn't be any different from each other! But the first couple of days we were here is was really slow like I was saying but now we are gonna start working more with less actives and part member families! The more I learn about this area is that people don't really talk with their next door neighbors! So we haven't gotten any referral's and when we do it is in the next area over! There is this family in our ward that has this initiation to the ward and that is to eat this hot sauce. Its so hot that when you buy it you need to fill out a waiver! So I will send that video of us eating that as soon as I can! It looks like the house is coming together perfect and cant wait to see more and more pics of the house and the family!

Elder Moore and Elder Watkins with the "Hot Sauce Rosedale Initiation"
hahaha it was crazy hot but it was worth it! I like this video because thats how different we are and its great to learn from someone like him! But today we had a good talk with President Layton! He's a stud and knows how to run things just like grandpa! I love you and cant wait to hear more!

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